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About The Author Alan Forrest Smith 

Alan has had a varied life.
From punk band singer, to hairdresser, to writer, to modern philosopher and even spent 20-years as an ordained minister within an orthodox faith.
He has also experienced more of life's taunts.
Divorce, homelessness, bankruptcy, high anxiety and a triumph of understanding of his own meaning in life meaning after a self-enforced period of self isolation for 10 weeks in 2010.

The book Escape from Zoomanity was written to unravel and question everything that most of us are taught as acceptable and normal.

The book was also written to allow readers to understand how to create th emost incredible life on their terms.



About Escape from Zoomanity The Book?
I began writing this book in 2008. I finally had it published in 2011.

Zoomanity is an idea. Do we live in Zoomanity or Humanity?

The answer is critical to our understanding of lasting happiness.

This book is a book that helps the anxious gain control, the depressed get uplifted, the hopeless gain hope, the week feel stronger, the manipulated take control, the controlled take back their power, the sleeping wake up but overall it makes ever reader question everything and realise lots of things at the same time.

There will come a time in your life when you feel you will want to question everything. Those questions demand answers.

Life might not be what you thought it was going to be. Whatever your problem, it is a problem and you are demanding to know why.

Do you listen to the mass of Zoomanity? The mass that is under the control of something so simple it is brilliant. What is that something and how can you know?

Do you take advice from those that repeat what they are being told be the zookeepers? Who are the zookeepers and how to avoid their advice?

Zoomanity is built on fear. Fear of the unknown and lack of control creates anxiety and depression, anxiety and depression created a reliance and dependence on help. This is classic Zoomanity. 

They control you, they control us. They give us life in a cage-like environment they control.

You can awaken, you can resist and you can build a life free from the restraints, free from the cage, free from zoomanic influence.

Your life is an exhausting repeat from patterns set by others. Only once you break free from those repeated patterns will your escape begin. Once your escape begins your life will begin to change Once your life begins to change you will see and feel happiness rising to the surface with freedom I doubt you will have known before.

If you need more from life this is a perfect read. Be warned: once you start you might find it hard to put down.

Or do you finally strip back the layers of the mainstream, undercover the reality of life and create your own Escape from Zoomanity?

Humans are now zoomans.

Humanity is now Zoomanity.

The cage is real.

You can awaken, you can realise, you can escape from Zoomanity.

At just 169 pages you’ll wish there was more.

What is Zoomanity?

Who are the Zookeepers?

Who controls you?

Who are the repeaters?

How do you awaken?

What should you do?

The laws of humanity are real

Problems dissolve after your escape

A new happy life awaits you 

Are you ready to Escape from Zoomanity?

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What other Readers have been saying:
This review is from: Escape From Zoomanity: 1 (Paperback)I have to admit I am not the most compulsive of readers of any type of book but I was recommended this one by a friend. I found it a fascinating insight in to all facets of life and mirrored so much of my own. I am sure the thousands of people that will also read this will feel the same. What is important to me in a book of this type is the honesty and integrity of the writing and there is no doubt that this is a extremely honest and intelligent read. Harsh and to the point throughout but also humorous, delicate and charming. The author should be credited highly for a thought provoking book that goes a long way to not only inspiring and motivating the human mind but bringing home important truths about life.

Highly recommended!

This review is from: Escape From Zoomanity: 1 (Paperback)I have just finished this book today, after reading almost non stop since its arrival yesterday. It was utterly charming, funny, passionate and inspirational. Definitely one for those wanting to change their lives, think about life, change their outlook or just confirm what they were always thinking. There IS more to life….alan illustrates this beautifully. Really enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone. Thought provoking and compelling.

Read it.
“This review is from: Escape From Zoomanity: 1 (Kindle Edition)If you can only make time to read one book this year, read this one. As you immerse yourself in Alan’s story, things that have happened – pointers- in your life will start to make sense to you. In this way, instead of reading about another person’s escape from a humdrum existence, you can begin to plan your own exit.

An exit that probably entails more risk, although risk is a relative term. risk of going back to an ordinary so so life, or stepping forward to live the life you promised yourself. treat this book as the catalyst to get there.
First I would like to encourage all those who are not aware of Alan to spend some time going through his website and reading the ton of testimonials of the life’s he has transformed. He did have a profound impact on my life and when I use the word “profound”

I mean it in a big way… Zoomanity is Alan’s best work. Three decades of baggage and frustration will drop of in less than an hour once you immerse yourself in this masterpiece. Alan is a rare jewel in the world of creative and inspired thinking and Zoomanity is what you might be missing today Sri Vishwanath author of the bestseller Zero Effort &the Secret of Bhagavad Gita

With a down-to-earth style, the will to tackle the big issues with bold questions, the ability to spin an argument on its head, and the instinct to pin-point just where you are emotionally, Alan Forrest Smith has created a created a hypnotic, page-turning masterpiece.In Escape to Zoomanity, Forrest Smith says what you may already feel, but haven’t yet formed into words. He articulates it brilliantly and just when you might get jittery, he puts the finger on you. From Leith in Edinburgh, to Rain Forest Shaman, Forrest Smith uses his own life story as a journey and spells out how Zoomanity can trap us; and… thank God, he also offers us a way out – an escape from Zoomanity! Escape to Zoomanity is a compelling read and a must for anyone looking for a deeper understanding and a will to escape from the chains of life. Read it now and make your escape… while there is still time Neil Fellowes

Alan is not only a friend and colleague, but also a mentor. In over a decade of working together, he has continually fascinated me with his unique grasp of the human condition, the power of self-transformation, and the desperate need to rise above today’s fast-paced, self-absorbed, confusing world, which he unabashedly (and appropriately) coins as Zoomanity. His ability to tell stories that captivate and enlighten, and drive home potent lessons about life and people, is a powerful tool he uses to awaken both your mind and soul to a new level of curiosity, appreciation, and purpose. Read this book and, once you’re done, you will not only discover the world of Alan Forrest Smith, but also the very world you live in yourself — and how to rise above it. Writer, Michel Fortin
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